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Craters & Freighters Detroit excels in working with the auto industry. We are located in the heart of the automotive homeland for just that reason. Our craters are experts in the safe handling and packing of automotive components such as body panels and assemblies, engines and transmissions, as well as production and test equipment, dies and molds. We have experience packing auto parts for shipment to a variety of destinations, both domestic and international, both small prototype shipments and larger production runs.

We work for numerous suppliers of the Big 3, building custom crates and arranging efficient and secure shipment.

Some clients already know the exact specifications of their containers, while others rely on our experience to design their packaging solution. We can provide custom crating and packing.

Production-run wooden crates with competitive pricing and sharp lead times are a staple of our business.  Let Craters & Freighters Detroit be your preferred packaging and crating vendor for:

  • Prototype Automotive Parts
  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Axles
  • Body Panels
  • Prototype Bodies
  • Test Equipment
  • Production Equipment
  • Dies & Molds

Package, crate and ship your auction valuables with Craters & Freighters by Requesting a Quote today!

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