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Automotive Equipment & Prototype Shipping in Detroit

If you’re looking for decades-long experience and high-quality for your automotive equipment shipping project, Craters & Freighters in the greater Metro Detroit area has both. Our crating, packaging and shipping professionals are accomplished at providing the ultimate care and attention to every item we work with.

We understand the ins and outs of automotive parts & prototypes shipping projects, large and small. No matter the destination, we make sure your valuable assets arrive free from damage. Our crating team designs the perfect protection for your items using state-of-the-art technology, ingenuity, and a unique skill set.

Not only do you need precision when it comes to your shipment, but the logistics and customer support need to go above and beyond to ensure your shipping project is completed on-time and on-budget. Having worked with this kind of equipment for decades, we have every aspect of your automotive shipping project entirely under control.

In addition to unparalleled customer service we offer:

  • Pick-up & delivery
  • Custom crating & packaging
  • Global freight transportation
  • Shipping logistics

Moving Auto Parts, Auto Equipment & Auto Prototypes Worldwide

Craters & Freighters is dedicated to moving your cargo safely and within the quickest time frame possible. We know how to easily get your items into their destination country, having completed thousands of international shipments. Our shipping specialists understand the entry rules and regulations, so you can feel confident knowing your assets won’t be held up.

We want to keep your business moving, and to do that requires know-how. We will successfully transport your vehicles and their parts using a customized approach that meets all of your requirements.

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Our team will be at your service throughout your project. You will be provided an account manager to answer your questions and address your concerns and provide any necessary reporting along the way.

Auto Prototypes, Equipment & Machinery Packaging, Crating & Shipping Solutions

Craters & Freighters in Detroit serves as a one-source solution for domestic and international shipping arrangements. We offer a selection of dependable services for most shipping needs. Our team knows that your assets are valuable. From prototypes expensive machinery and equipment, we will make your shipping project look easy, no matter how challenging.

Tailored Packing & Crating

Craters & Freighters is known internationally for our deliberate and meticulous custom crating. We design and build wood crates and supporting packaging so valuable assets arrive safe and secure. Our crating experts know exactly how to provide the specific crates your items need.

We use a library of various computer programs that implement precise measurements and details, extensive educational resources, experience, and knowledge to deliver undamaged goods anywhere in the world. Our crates meet all regulations and codes for a smooth entry into their countries of destination.

An essential piece to the wooden crates we specify to your needs is our packing methods. The support systems are designed to cushion and protect through the vigorous shipping stream.

Custom Onsite Packaging & Crating

Many of our recurring customers are unable to bring their items to us for packaging and crating. That’s never a problem for our professionals. We can readily come to your industrial or commercial location and design and create a tailored crate for your item.

Our engineers have everything they need in order to assemble a container onsite. The integrity of your packaging and wooden crate is just as reliable as if it were built at our warehouse. We specialize in this service, so please call us to learn more about onsite crating.

Complete Logistic Support

To create the most efficient and streamlined shipping process, we provide each customer with a plan of action specific to their goals and needs. Our logistic team gives real-time, reliable information and takes care of the essentials, no matter how minor the detail.

Let us help with:

  • Initial shipment staging, dock management, and cross-docking
  • Supply logistics and VOI, as well as last-mile and inside logistics
  • Nationwide, flex or temp warehousing and delivery
  • Advance shipping notification and strategically located buffer stock near your point of use
  • Quality control, inspections, and repacking of material in returnable containers
  • Real-time visibility and control over order processing, reporting, stocking, and more via Pilot’s web-based WMS inventory life cycle management tool

Why Use Craters & Freighters for Your Parts & Prototypes Shipping Needs

Our quick turnaround means your business can stay on track and efficient. We know you value your customers, and your word is vital to their trust, which is why we put in the extra effort to ensure your assets arrive as soon as possible and as safe as possible. Whether your items need to be shipped across town or across the sea, our specialists are thorough and invested.

Our top-of-the-line international shipping services take advantage of our reliable network in over 150 countries, which means your freight shipment is never out of our reach, no matter where it is. This, combined with our 65+ national warehouses, adds to our ability to provide the best in shipping services and support.

Whether you need components and parts shipped for manufacturing, vehicles shipped for selling, machinery shipped for auto services, or a prototype shipped for review, we’re here to get the job done. Our auto shipping experts are available to talk with you about your needs today. Let us deliver a quality of expertise that raises the bar.

White-Glove Service

Our white-glove service means you don’t need to worry about a thing. We will pick up your asset, crate and package it, ship it, and deliver it while dealing with everything in between. When your business is busy, and you don’t have time to put into the shipping process, let our Metro Detroit shipping team take it on. Your auto shipment is in safe hands with us.

Local Customer Satisfaction

Detroit is well-known for our automotive industry, and Craters & Freighters is well-versed at providing our Detroit automotive shipping customers the parts & equipment shipping services they’ve come to depend on.

While we will gladly work with one-time customers, our repeat customers have helped us achieve our respected name in the shipping industry. We are proud to support many of Metro Detroit-based automotive equipment shipping companies.

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