Manufacturing Equipment Shipping


Manufacturing Equipment Shipping
Serving Metro Detroit & Surrounding Areas

Shipping large, heavy, and mechanically sensitive equipment requires the insights of a company that specializes in packaging, crating, and shipping solutions for the most challenging projects.

Detroit is home to companies that create innovative and technological advancements that are used domestically and internationally. With manufacturing being the second largest industry in our city, we understand what it takes to get your machinery custom packaged, crated, and shipped with your assets’ unique needs in mind.

Let our comprehensive shipping company safely and smartly deliver your manufacturing machinery wherever it needs to go. Our speed and attention to detail go unmatched, and our customer service and logistics teams inspire confidence.

Our shipping team works with various kinds of industries, and we proudly help ship their assets, including:

Tailored, Spec-Driven Packaging & Crating

Our designers develop packaging and crating solutions customized for each item. Our professionals will design and create a protection scheme that provides safety and security throughout the transportation process. To make such specific and compatible designs, we use:

  • Computer software
  • Educational shipping and engineering resources
  • Decades-long experience
  • Knowledge and expertise

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When headed overseas, you can feel comfortable knowing that your items will gain easy entrance into their destination country. We know the entry codes and requirements for a smooth, streamlined process.

Knowing that the containers we provide are nothing without their symbiotic support system, our packaging specialists offer cushioning, padding, blocking, and bracing to further ensure your item’s safety.

Moving Machinery Across the Street & Around the Globe

We have over 65 regional franchises and have worked with over 150 countries, allowing for a far reach and many industry-driven relationships.

Our international partners are just as determined to get your cargo moved safely as we are. Craters & Freighters has decades of experience and has garnered a network that ensures your valuables’ safety almost anywhere in the world. These relationships make a quick, efficient turnaround time easy.

We know exactly what it takes for your freight shipment to gain entry into its country of destination. Our business is to keep your business running smoothly, and our shipping specialists are confident that you will get your assets delivered on time and undamaged.

Using an array of services, we will find the best, most streamlined way to package and transport your valuable machinery. No two jobs are the same, so we treat each with the respect and attention it deserves. Always adhering to the rules and regulations of your company, the shipping guidelines, and our own code of conduct, you can depend on us for all your manufacturing shipping needs.

Equipment & Machinery Packaging, Crating, & Shipping Solutions

We value the importance of your business’s time, which is why we created the most convenient and comprehensive shipping solutions possible. Our custom machinery crating and shipping teams are educated and experienced, but they are also willing to go the extra mile for each customer.

No matter the value, sensitivity, or fragility, you can count on us to get your shipment to its destination with a deliberate and precise shipping plan. Some of our services include:

  • Custom crates
  • One-of-a-kind or production-run containers
  • Rigging and specialized equipment

Why Use Craters & Freighters for Your Manufacturing Shipping Needs

We have been serving the world for decades with our shipping and packaging solutions. From custom-made wooden crates to specifically designed industrial equipment padding and protection schemes to unrivaled logistic support, Craters & Freighters has what it takes for your manufacturing shipment’s success.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals who take pride in our global reputation. This means that we do what it takes to keep the customer happy, to get the asset safely delivered, and to stay up-to-date on new shipping strategies and technologies.

Efficiency and effectiveness are what every business wants when it comes to shipping its assets. Keeping your customers’ needs and goals at the forefront is just as important to us as it is to you. Let us keep your shipping project in our determined hands, no matter where your items are headed. With a large selection of services, a global network, and our in-house customer care teams, your shipping process will look effortless.

Let us deliver a quality of expertise that raises the bar. Contact us today to learn more.

Custom Onsite Manufacturing Equipment Packaging & Crating

We’ve witnessed the difficulties that can arise trying to get your large or sensitive machinery to our warehouse for fitting and transportation. Our specialists can come to your commercial location and design and engineer the perfectly matched container for your item’s shipping needs.

These onsite builds are just as reliable and secure as they are when built at our facility. Many of our recurring customers use this service, and we are well-versed in the process. With the tools and programs at our fingertips, your asset will be safe with our onsite building teams.

White-Glove Service

Our white-glove service offers careful pick-up and delivery of your valuable items. We are strategically trained and experienced at getting your manufacturing equipment to its final destination safely. If you’re concerned about moving your fragile or expensive prototype, life-saving medical device, sensitive IT equipment, or anything in between, we know how to handle those items with confidence.

Comprehensive Logistics Service

You have important matters to handle within your company; your shipping logistics don’t need to be added to your list of responsibilities. Let our team take this on, as we have the relationships, the software, and the time to cater to all of your shipping logistic needs.

Whether it’s coordinating with our partners or providing you with details, we have you covered from pick-up to delivery.

Local Customer Satisfaction

Detroit is known throughout the world for its manufacturing industries. With such a large portion of our customers working with these industries, we have been afforded great experience in handling very demanding equipment shipment projects.

Our team is beyond capable and reliable, which has been proven time and again with our local customers. Whether you’re in the market for a one-time shipping project or need ongoing shipping support, we are here to guide you and safely transport your assets.

We proudly support many Detroit-based manufacturing companies.

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